At SunRose Garden, we’re driven by the belief that health and beauty care should be as natural as possible. We believe that it’s not only about what’s in a product, but also about what’s not.

While it might be impossible to avoid all the synthetics in our everyday lives, it is possible to lessen our exposure to them. One way of doing this is by choosing to use natural personal care products.

With our background being in complementary healing therapies, we believe in creating formulations that benefit body, mind and general wellbeing. Nature has provided us with the most efficient and powerful ingredients that our body readily recognises and responds to.

When creating our products we use natural raw active ingredients, locally sourced where possible, such as plant based oils and butters, herbs, botanical extracts, essential oils and most importantly -lots of love and care.

Our intention is to inspire and encourage people to nurture their own wellbeing and beauty.

Natasha and Martin